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Addicted to making 'em
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Welcome to 100x100_addicts
This community is intended to be small, with spiffy members who honour each other's work. So, be honorable.
By default the rulls for browsing and using our icons are:
1. comment with which icons you like and which icons you take
2. credit the person whose icon you are using
to do this go to your userpics http://www.livejournal.com/editpics.bml and enter the name of the person who made the icon in keywords

3. don't alter the icons
3a. don't say you made the icons
4. don't eat our bandwidth. for instance if you want to use the icon on some other place, that allows dynamic icons/avatars, don't use that - that means that if there is an option to just point where in the net the image is situated, don't do that - just save it to your own computer and upload it from there; or if you want to show it somewhere else, upload it to your own account.
5. We take requests, so if you want something altered or something totally new, just ask.
6. when looking for something, try looking for the appropriate tag to see all of the icons that are tagged with it - this could be very usefull. ;)

Unless the author said something else, please obay those rulls.

Rulls for the members:
1. Make lj standart icons. This means
1a. Image dimensions must be no larger than 100x100 pixels
1b. File size must be less than 40k
1c. File format must be either PNG, GIF or JPG

2. Be willing to share
3. Don't show us someone else's icons, PLEASE.
4. Be willing to answer requests.
5. I don't mind fake lj-cuts at all, but showing us more teasers with fake lj-cutting would be highly appreciated.
6. I don't mind advertising other icon making communities. Although if you want to advertise, I'd be more than happy if you are willing to affiliate with the community, too.
7. Any abusing material, or anything that I'd consider unappropriate for our community will be deleted and I'd contact you cause I take this serious.
8. We won't affiliate nor will we advertise any community that deals with abusive material. Sorry.
9. You could also share FO banners, headers and "love banners". But all these must be under an lj-cut - we are an icon making community after all :)

Please take your time to read the maintainer's words for some other rulls and news. You would notice we use tags a lot, and it would be nice if you are more specific what exactly your icons are about, so they could be easier to sort with the tag feature. We always use your username as one of the tags, too ;)

I think that's about all for now. And most of all - have fun :)